Senior Associate

Rebecca has always enjoyed the experience-making aspect of building design and construction. As a project architect with ESG, whose work encompasses multifamily housing, hospitality and workplaces, she thrives on the daily problem solving and decision making her role involves. She organizes vast amounts of information into clear and concise drawings and collaborates with consultants to creatively solve construction challenges, so that buildings become places where memories are made.

Transforming existing buildings into homes or workplaces for the 21st century is one of her specialties. “There’s so much history in these buildings,” she says, “which we creatively incorporate into new uses that are flexible and sustainable.” As a member of ESG’s Green Team, Rebecca is acutely aware of the need to incorporate more resiliency into the built environment. “We’re actively dispelling the notion that green buildings cost more,” she says, “as we help our clients transition to more energy-efficient projects.”