Vice President, Project Architect

After working for more than 16 years on multifamily and mixed-use buildings designed for people of all economic levels and ages, Olga joined ESG in 2014. “I love the contemporary and collaborative vision ESG brings to housing projects,” she says, “as well as ESG’s creative site strategies and design of dense, vital and responsible urban environments.” In her design work, Olga applies her extensive experience and bilingual architectural skills—as well as her Beaux-Arts education in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and technical training at the University of Minnesota’s School of Architecture—to put every square inch of a project to good use and connect timeless classical principles with modern design.

While planning spaces, Olga imagines herself as one of the building’s future residents. She “walks” from the distinctive front entrance through the lobby and up into their homes. “I watch and feel them moving from room to room, preparing delicious meals in the kitchen, enjoying views out the windows, relaxing on a pool deck,” she says. “I try to experience what they’ll be experiencing, so I can design an enjoyable, healthy and functional living environment for them.”