Before pursing architecture, Matt earned degrees in biomedical engineering to learn from a scientific perspective how people experience the world in order to improve their lives through medical research. Architecture, however, allowed Matt to enjoy a more creative outlet for his talents and impact people’s daily lives in a positive way. Bringing a distinctively humanitarian approach to his work, Matt collaborates with large teams on the design and construction of hotels that leave a profound impression on visitors while providing an uplifting environment for the people who work, stay and play there.

“I keep the end user at the forefront all the time,” he says. “It’s always about how each person will interact with their world at an intimate level. We want to make sure that interaction is as seamless, enjoyable and productive as possible.” A lifelong dedication to learning and a keen interest in the impact of society, biology and physiology on the experience of architecture inform his work. Matt’s work also benefits from his prior experience on projects ranging in scale and typology from higher education, science and technology to commercial and residential.

At ESG, Matt pays acute attention to detail, isn’t afraid to ask hard questions, and is always researching and looking forward to what’s next. “My work is about creating a product for a person who will actually use it,” he says, whether hotel guest, staff or visitor. “It’s about enhancing the user experience.”