Associate AIA

As a project architect specializing in multifamily housing, Dave is the lynchpin whose expertise helps maintain the design intent and integrity of every project, from concept through completion. He balances the intentions of designers, clients and contractors, while realistically meeting contract, budget and regulation requirements. Raised as a do-it-yourselfer, Dave inherently takes pride in his passion for detail and expertise at problem solving. At the same time, he generates a positive experience among his collaborators as he helps them realize their project visions.

Office remodels and expansions, higher-education student housing and retail projects are also part of Dave’s portfolio. Always accounting for such primary problem areas as water infiltration, energy code and life-safety issues, he delves into the challenges inherent to every project by finding unique solutions that are buildable and maintain design intent.

Today’s multifamily and student-housing projects demand luxury detailing and amenities on a retail budget. To address this need, Dave collaborates with ESG’s superb interiors department to coordinate exterior and interior design expectations, enable consistency and fulfill aesthetic expectations. Open to new technologies in the building industry, Dave respectfully collaborates with clients and contractors on innovative methods for problem solving today’s construction challenges.