Vice President

For 30 years, Art has been leading institutions of higher education into the future through the master planning, strategic planning, design and construction of student-housing projects on more than 20 college campuses, as well as on more than 40 off-campus sites. Whether renovating an existing structure or building new, Art energetically bridges client needs for durability and longevity in such projects with fresh details, materials and amenities that appeal to students.

Art’s extensive experience allows him to understand and anticipate clients’ operations, financials and needs. Decades of focus groups with stakeholders ranging from campus police, IT and maintenance crews to facility managers and students, have resulted in a finely tuned planning process through which programming, predesign and each subsequent phase of design lead to a fully realized vision.

Art is well aware that a residence hall is a nexus of change for students, who have left the comforts of home for a new stage of life. His projects merge institutional building quality with a transformational, experience-based home for college students. His work supports academic excellence while providing students with exciting residences in which to live, study and play.

Today, sustainability and hospitality are significantly changing the design of higher-education housing. Art’s projects include sustainable design strategies that help educational institutions manage the bottom line; amenities that students now expect; and technology-rich gathering and community spaces that allow for student interaction and collaboration.

With each project, Art’s goal is to design projects that make education active and exciting for students. Art brings the same infectious energy and passion to his mixed-use, corporate/commercial, research and development, and transit projects, as well.