Senior Associate

Andrea believes that the mark of a good designer is the ability to create exemplary work regardless of budget. With tremendous flexibility, underpinned by years of expertise, she tailors her work to meet modern or traditional aesthetics, generous or restricted financing, a more leisurely or fast pace. “Every project simply depends on the client and their needs,” she says, “so I like to be limber in all of these aspects.”

Prior to joining ESG, Andrea worked in a large Kansas City firm focused on such large-scale projects as stadiums, arenas, practice facilities and collegiate work. She also worked on small local restaurant designs, where she learned her heart belongs to hospitality. “Working at ESG allows me to take the best part of sports facilities—the clubs, suites, spas and other hospitality aspects—and run with them in our multifamily residential, hotel and restaurant projects.” Moreover, as workplace and multifamily residential incorporate more cues from hospitality, Andrea enjoys collaborating with local designers and artists to create lifestyle brands with distinctive personalities.

For Andrea, work is a lifestyle as well. Her father is an engineer and builds and owns motels. “My parents have photos of me, as a child, in overalls and a hard hat at his job sites,” she says, “and I played with his drawings on a computer, thinking it was a video game. Architecture and engineering are in my DNA.” She’s also married to a construction engineer. “When I’m not at work, we’re reviewing each other’s drawings, discussing project challenges and solutions, or renovating our house, so design isn’t work for me. It’s a lifestyle.”