Senior Associate

Bringing her clients’ and colleagues’ creativity to life is Amy’s area of expertise. As an interior designer within ESG’s hospitality group, Amy utilizes her vast technical knowledge—including codes, material specifications and performance, brand standards and implementation, sustainability, and BIM software and computer-aided design—to verify every detail on a project and guide it to fruition. Inherently a collaborator, Amy believes that “connecting people, knowledge, and experiences is essential to innovating new designs in hospitality,” she says.

An expert in such hospitality brands as AC Hotel by Marriott, Amy partners with clients, engineers, and design teams to bridge communication gaps, facilitate the design process, find the best value based on client goals, and make sure every project’s key points are showcased. Previously, Amy worked in healthcare. Hospitality, she says, “allows me to bring the caretaking of guests to another level.” Hotels, restaurants, retail, gaming, and an array of hospitality amenities are all part of her purview.

Within ESG’s hospitality group, Amy says, “every property is so unique, we can bring people from a variety of backgrounds and with different expertise to collaborate and create a project that’s truly distinctive.” Amy also believes in teaching others, “which helps me stay excited about the profession of interior design,” she says. As a mentor with the University of Minnesota Mentor Connection, she shares her expertise, knowledge, and professionalism with the next generation of interior designers.