Vice President
Phone:  612-373-4635

As a Senior Project Architect responsible for all phases of design and documentation on medium- to large-scale hospitality, residential and mixed-use projects, Troy is the must-have member of every design team. As “the hub,” all project information flows to and through him. In turn, he helps team members from all disciplines receive the information they need to coordinate and complete their tasks.

An accomplished architect who embodies ESG’s approach to “fully collaborative design,” Troy examines every issue and challenge related to a project. Because of his proven ability to creatively problem solve while collaborating with interdisciplinary project teams, Troy is often tasked with steadily guiding stakeholders through the design process. He’s also a technical expert at code interpretation and application, working with city officials and BIM modeling.

With more than 20 years of experience as a practicing design and production architect, Troy quickly gains the confidence and trust of stakeholders and design team members. His hands-on, all-access approach ensures every aspect of a project is accounted for and covered.

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