Transforming Cities Feature

ESG Partners, Aaron Roseth, President and Ann Fritz, Director of Interiors took some time to meet with Chris Arnold of Authentic Form & Function to chat about Design Thinking and the role our firm has played over the years on the “Transforming Cities” podcast.

We are humbled by the conversation and believe it’s our job to continue the momentum as we help launch the design and architecture community into the next decade. 

CLICK HERE to listen to the full podcast on Authentic Form & Function or skip to our 6 tips below.

Among the many great topics discussed, we boiled it down to five important ideas that we think will help shape the positive future of the built world: 

  1. There is always a story to tell; each opportunity is unique and the solutions are not universal, but rather the result of a deep conversation, active listening, a strong design development process and a contextually sound explanation. 
  2. Active listening is key; there is no better way to fully understand a concept then to let the story evolve authentically. Starting with the right questions and building upon each set of findings can take you on an unexplored path resulting in new discoveries along the way. 
  3. Start with core principles; a solid concept comes from a solid core. The more you know about the principles of a project, the better you can use those principles to guide the design and continually check in on the most weighted goals throughout. Stay pure to the purpose.
  4. Design for the experience; people experience space subconsciously first, and then react to it depending on the value of their experience. If every element is considered for the user in a way that enhances the senses, it naturally becomes more engaging and memorable. 
  5. Be genuine; forming real relationships with the people you’re working with ranks high when it comes to delivering a design that is both relevant and relatable. When you are passionate about creating an authentic design for real personalities, the details naturally fall into place. 
  6. Acknowledge the past; let the legacy and values of the past teach us about our present. Like our Founders, Mark Swenson and David Graham have taught us; discipline and direction are important elements in anything we accomplish. 

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