Phone:  612-373-4652

Trace is a senior design principal involved in every area of ESG’s expertise, yet still remains a hands-on leader. He does his own computer modeling, approaches each project without preconceptions, and builds on the client perspectives he actively welcomes during meetings. His efficiency and responsiveness are remarkable. “We’re facile, knowledgeable, accessible, flexible and hands-on,” Trace says of his own work and that of the project teams he leads. “Our clients love what we do.”

Trace’s expertise encompasses project types ranging from research facilities, corporate offices, convention centers and libraries to parking ramps and transit shelters. The majority of Trace’s work, however, is mixed-use/multi-family developments, housing for higher-education students and hospitality created in collaboration with developers. “Our architecture is in direct contact with peoples’ lives on a daily basis,” Trace says, “and therefore it is our obligation to provide users with elevated environments in which to live, learn, work and play.”

Trace is keenly aware of the ways in which new buildings can transform the character and livability of a neighborhood. Always working within budget, Trace creates refined, context-sensitive projects that fulfill client objectives for functionality. At the same time, his projects “tell a story about place, and how design is bettering the lives of people who live in our buildings and who pass by them on a regular basis.”

In his developer-driven work, Trace considers himself the conduit through which his clients manifest their ideas and dreams. “My goal in these collaborations,” he says, “is to learn what the client is striving for and help them realize that vision by making them an integral part of the process and the author of what is ultimately realized.”

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