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As the executive in charge of managing ESG on a daily basis, Steve takes great pride in the firm’s city building. “I’m fascinated by the architecture, design and construction industries,” he says, “and I love watching our projects go up—work that will engage people and enliven cities for generations.”

To keep ESG running smoothly, Steve stays out in front of potential challenges. His expertise includes foreseeing, anticipating and dealing with issues before they arise. He’s ever cognizant of banking, financial and market conditions in the construction industry to prepare ESG for the coming months and years. He’s also in charge of software, hardware and space planning in ESG’s office.

Steve is a strategist. He continually analyzes information to position the firm to its best advantage. In charge of new hires, Steve knows every person at ESG and their capabilities. Several times a day he walks through the office to talk with principals, project managers, designers, engineers, marketing and accounting employees, IT experts and other staff to ensure everyone is performing at their highest potential.

As the person in charge of client contracts, and ESG’s liaison with attorneys and insurance and benefit brokers, Steve applies his uncanny common sense and listening skills to reach consensus. He’s driven by the joy of engaging in new challenges and responsibilities.

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