sage roshau, iida, ncidq

Phone:  612-373-4646

Because of his holistic approach to design, Sage is innately a collaborator. Working closely with his clients and the other members of his team—including architects, contractors and other interior designers—Sage aggregates various perceptions and frames of reference to create the ideal space plan (his particular passion) and aesthetic that will result in a singular workplace or multifamily residence. Part of Sage’s process involves innovating new amenity spaces for workplace and multifamily residential projects. As workspaces and apartments become smaller, amenity spaces are growing larger in order to bring people together for coffee, conversation, game nights and relaxation, among other pursuits. Hospitality is the lens through which workplace and multifamily housing are being designed today, Sage says: “We’re always devising new mixes of amenity spaces in order to bring people together in new ways.”


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