Phone:  612-373-4626

Paul utilizes 30 years of experience with ESG, coupled with his genuine love of people and processes, to assemble multidisciplinary teams, facilitate their productivity and lead them in delivering exceptional projects. He believes collaboration is essential to productivity; that the best projects are created in concert with others. To that end, he thoughtfully builds ESG’s project teams with people who bring diverse characteristics, strengths, talents and perspectives, to ensure clients receive the most creative solutions and quickly realize revenue streams.

Paul takes a prismatic approach to finding creative solutions to complex situations. The breadth of Paul’s scope of work—which encompasses account management, proposals, contracts, budgets, project delivery, staff leadership and quality assurance—ensures clients always see a way forward and receive the best course of action toward realizing their visions.

In addition to building efficient and innovative project teams, Paul strategizes on scheduling, delivery sequences and timelines in order best utilize human resources and reach clients’ goals. By building comfortable and productive collaborative teams, Paul helps clients realize functional efficiencies while creating inspiring spaces for human habitation and strengthening brand experiences.

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