PARTNERS WE LOVE: Wood From The Hood


We love collaborating with Wood From The Hood, not only because of the beautiful work they do but because they are just as enthusiastic about good design and custom solutions as we are!

About WFTH
Currently, most fallen or dying trees in the Minneapolis metro region are sent to landfills, shredded into landscape mulch, or burned. Wood from the Hood reclaims many of these trees from all over the Twin Cities and gives them new life in the form of sustainable, handcrafted wood products. The potential of reclaimed wood is immense and WFTH has created beautiful conference & dining tables, flooring & molding, cribbage boards & picture frames….the list goes on and on!

Each log that comes into the Wood from the Hood shop is marked with the zip code of the community where the tree once lived. This zip code is kept with the log throughout the entire manufacturing process. Wood from the Hood customers take pride in using local, sustainable products that have minimal impact on the environment…from trees that come directly from their community.

ESG recently completed The Glen Nelson Center, an office project with American Public Media (APM.) The Glen Nelson Center is central to APM’s efforts to lead the changing landscape of media and technology, ensuring that APM can continue to serve diverse and growing audiences in the most vital of ways. The Glen Nelson Center invests in and houses companies that support this mission and are on the frontier of their field.

ESG worked with WFTH to design a number of live edge surfaces including a beautiful island counter in the shared kitchen space. (More about working with them on the design from design team??)

Want to learn more about WFTH? Shop the online store for environmentally friendly gifts made in Minnesota, donate trees, view custom design options, read their blog, or contact them today.

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