Pam Stenzel

Vice President
Phone: 612-373-4617

In 1985, Pam joined Arvid Elness Architects, becoming an integral part of the firm throughout its various iterations. Since 1996, Pam has been ESG’s Accounting Manager. Responsible for all accounting areas related to financial reports for ESG’s shareholders, Pam works closely with project managers to make sure project accounting and billing to clients is accurate. She also applies her exacting approach to her work, her consistency, and her persistence in doing “a job well done,” as she says, in various critical support roles to the firm and its architects, designers and staff.

With her expertise and unflappable personality, she keeps the accounting area running smoothly. “My job is to provide accurate information in a timely and organized manner, so the architects and designers can focus on providing great service to our clients.” She’s remained at ESG for so long because, she says, “I enjoy the creative atmosphere and culture here. In accounting, I follow procedures to the letter. But I’m able to work in this atmosphere of exciting innovation and watch amazing projects come to fruition.”

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