Vice President
Phone:  612-373-4642

As a project architect with ESG for 14 years, Nicolle has been dedicated to building inspiring, aesthetically appealing housing for college and university students. She coordinates consultants and collaborates with clients from predesign and drawings through construction. During the process, she resourcefully anticipates and solves design issues. An exceptionally responsive member of ESG’s higher-education housing team, Nicolle brings to her work a global perspective gained through years of travel, as well as sincere commitment to helping students achieve their academic goals while living in an upbeat and supportive environment.

Sustainability is a key aspect of her projects. Nicolle is adept at integrating green strategies into student housing, from easily implemented products and finishes to more elaborate systems and technologies. Her goal is that  new and renovated buildings substantially increase students’ comfort while decreasing energy costs. Positive feedback from students and ongoing work from repeat clients testify to Nicolle’s integrity and expertise.

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