neil reardon, assoc. AIA, LEED®AP

Vice President
Phone:  612-524-4218

For Neil, “doing urban design” is a multifaceted calling. A valued project manager for mixed-use multifamily residential developments, Neil is not only concerned with guiding his clients’ projects from conception through completion with the highest level of efficiency, expertise and business acumen. He also delivers buildings on budget and on schedule, while addressing functionality for owners and users. Moreover, he follows through with a simple, elegant, cost-effective aesthetic that engages not only the project’s users, but also passersby who experience the building as urban design.

“As the drive for urban density continues, and more people move to our cities, we need to make sure we’re designing urban experiences that enliven, uplift and inform the urban context and the people who live, work and play there,” Neil explains. “Ultimately, our work will be judged on how well we’ve done the right things for residents and the city; in other words, how well we do urban design.”

Neil continually introduces new construction types, materials and aesthetics into projects in balance with client needs and expectations. “We know our clients’ businesses. We interact with them at a high level. We deliver projects efficiently and effectively,” he says. “At ESG, this is what we do.” For Neil, the process is also immensely fun. “From handling meetings and approvals, creating clean and clear documents and delivering stellar projects, working with clients as a project manager is fulfilling and fun, which enhances the process for all of us.”

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