Phone:  612-373-4681

As a leader within ESG’s Workplace studio, Nate brings intellectual rigor, technical expertise and a multidisciplinary perspective to the development and execution of complex programming, design and construction challenges. His portfolio includes high-tech facilities, corporate headquarters, healthcare centers, higher-education labs and classrooms, and medical/pharmaceutical laboratories. Nate likens the challenges of such projects to “a really intense puzzle.” His role is to piece together complicated regulatory, technical and design requirements to create high performance, artful buildings.

Nate is a holistic thinker. He appreciates the challenges of integrating mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems with programmatic, technological and regulatory criteria. He also strives to meet a project’s design aesthetic so it remains appealing to both clients and users. An effective communicator, Nate distills complex research and data into accurate, accessible information for easy decision-making. As a result, Nate’s clients clearly comprehend the reasoning behind their choices, are confident in their compliance with standards, and share Nate’s enjoyment in the design process.

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