Senior Associate
Phone:  612-373-4660

While working as a registered nurse in cardiology and medical-surgery units at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, and at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, Meredith experienced two life-changing insights. First, she realized the physical environments in which she was working weren’t adequately addressing patient needs, nor accommodating the practice of providing care. Second, Meredith decided the best way to address such shortcomings was to become an architect and design environments for “everyday” people.  She believes stable, affordable housing is preventive health care.

Today Meredith’s practice includes specialties in senior and affordable housing. She’s driven by the social agenda in architecture, which she describes as using the strength and beauty of space to promote healing, enrich peoples’ lives, and enhance communities and neighborhoods. She collaborates with for-profit and non-profit developers, coordinating and managing projects to meet HUD, state and federal funding requirements.

At the same time, Meredith infuses her projects with elegant materials and details that appeal to the senses. “Our designs don’t look ‘affordable’,” she says. “We provide beautiful housing for those who ordinarily couldn’t afford it. That’s why affordable-housing developers seek us out.” Meredith also remains keenly attuned to the demographic she’s serving, including the cultural needs of minority seniors who are growing in number. Always person-centered, Meredith’s projects promote wellness and wellbeing, and enhance the lives of all who encounter her work.

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