Vice President
Phone: 612-524-4221

The adaptive reuse of existing, even historic buildings into 21st century workplaces requires repositioning ideas and aesthetics about the traditional 9 to 5 workday to support the nomadic, collaborative, 24/7 ways in which employees work now. “Taking old space and renewing it with vibrant contemporary uses isn’t only about sustainability,” Matt says. “It’s about understanding, curating and creating spaces that are livable for today’s workforce.”

For Matt, workplace livability means natural light; amenities like outdoor spaces, a fitness center, a fireplace; and opportunities for multiple levels of engagement along with a variety of spaces in which to work. “No one sits at a desk for 8 hours anymore,” he says. Matt listens and translates his clients’ requirements into the precise renderings, accurate floor plans and photorealistic three-dimensional imagery that help bring designs to fruition. “I’m a people pleaser,” he admits. “I love it when the client latches onto something that really works and gets excited.”

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