Phone: 612-524-4214
At ESG, Matt wears the hat of many different roles within architecture. With nearly 20 years of experience stemming from an all-encompassing role with a small firm, Matt has had the opportunity to refine the pieces of his work that eventually tie together. He appreciates the opportunity to look at a project from multiple perspectives whether it be the big picture design or delving into the details.

When working with Matt, you can expect that he’s done his homework. His approach begins with research and analysis, and his inspiration is rooted in the goals of his clients. By considering the way a user will experience the space, Matt approaches each design as if he were to live there himself.

Destined to become an architect from a young age, Matt has always been fascinated by the urban environment. He recalls family trips where his parents would re-route through big cities so that he could get a good view of the structures. Matt’s natural connection to these landscapes has contributed to his extensive involvement with non-profit organizations that aim to better individual living spaces.

Matt has a genuine love for architecture, a solid work ethic and desire to mentor – all things that make him a well-rounded designer and architect at ESG.

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