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A fine artist and savvy strategist in the marketing department, Kristine is an integral part of ESG’s interiors and architecture teams. Her work extends far beyond the creation of branding, logos, signage and wayfinding systems to encompass all of the components of environmental graphic design, including wall graphics, text and images, and branded content. She’s concerned with all of the visual aspects of wayfinding, communicating identity and information, and creating experiences that connect people to place. Working hand-in-hand with her ESG colleagues, Kristine offers clients an integrated benefit they don’t receive with any other firm: Expert placemaking through exceptional environmental design.

The “wow” factor is a huge component of Kristine’s work, whether she’s designing for hospitality, workplace, mixed-use or multifamily housing. “We approach each project from scratch and with a fresh eye,” she says, “to differentiate the project in the marketplace by creating a location-specific, modern, clean aesthetic.” Along with a healthy sense of humor, Kristine works with her teams and clients with an eye toward visual listening: “listening to hear what their visual ideas are,” she explains.

Flexibility, creativity and expertise are key to transforming a client’s concepts and goals into the art, pattern, texture and color that result in distinctive placemaking. “My goal for each project is compelling design with a focus on brand voice and position,” she adds.

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