julie lochowski-haney,Aia, ncarb

Senior Associate
Phone:  612-524-4401
Email:  julie.lochowski-haney@esgarch.com

Solution-focused, detail-oriented, and a master of 3D computer modeling, Julie is part of ESG’s booming workplace group. With prior experience in retail, healthcare, residential, and corporate sectors, Julie “loves working with people who care about design,” she says. A collaborator from a project’s inception, Julie delves right in to fully comprehend client goals, financial realities, technical necessities, and design team aspirations. A calm problem solver, she diligently tackles design challenges that may seem unsolvable, coming up with the most rational solution.

With her technical expertise, Julie loves finessing structure and finishes, and discovering situations that require further consideration. She works at a granular level, in order to make sure every project has been planned and designed to fully realize the client’s vision and its expression through architecture.

Julie loves the high energy of collaborative design, but she doesn’t mind vacation. Her favorite place?  The redwood groves and rocky cliffs of the California coast.

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