john bergford, AIA, LEED®AP

Senior Associate
Phone: 612-373-4696

Because of his extensive experience designing single-family homes, and his passion for city building and urban redevelopment, John’s talents and expertise are a perfect fit at ESG. An integral member of the team that designs mixed-use multifamily residential projects, John has the unique ability to put himself in the owner’s role while listening in a personalized way to how spaces must be created to meet the client’s needs.

John adheres closely to the belief that “design doesn’t happen during construction,” he says. In other words, design begins in the initial planning stages; one of John’s roles is to make sure clear communication occurs between all of the stakeholders through development and construction so the design is fully realized. His construction administration experience on libraries, religious buildings and educational facilities brings additional expertise to his management of large mixed-use residential projects.

John entered the world of design and construction at a young age, as his grandfather and uncle were civil engineers. He was often called on to assist his grandparents in repairing and enhancing their home. “That got me started in terms of how to make spaces better by doing things to them physically,” he says. In architecture school at the University of Minnesota, he was interested in the history of ballparks as oases and community gather spaces within the urban landscape.

“Follow through, attention to detail, communication—those are all important aspects of my job,” he says. “I used to coach hockey and would tell my players, ‘You may not be going to the NHL, but you still need to communicate, speak truthfully and give your all to everything you do.’ Now that I’m with ESG, the NHL of urban redevelopment and mixed-use multifamily residential design, that approach is more important than ever.”

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