Phone: 612-373-4645
Email: holly.maher@esgarch.com

Holly joined ESG in 2014 specializing in the creation of intuitive, interactive interiors for education, cultural and library projects. She recently transitioned into the multifamily housing and hospitality sectors, where she designs projects distinctive in the marketplace due to the storytelling she creates in support of the brand. “Designing projects that are unique and individualistic is critical in order for our clients to compete,” Holly says.

Residents and guests are drawn to Holly’s projects “because they fit right in the minute they arrive,” she says. “Our projects aren’t trendy, but convey a story about home that enhances the brand and welcomes people into our carefully designed spaces.” Demographics and culture, texture and color, location and amenities are all chapters in a project’s story.

From a project’s inception through its completion, Holly’s focus is on the end user: How residents and guests will access, discover, flow through and interact with an interior space, emerging from the experience transformed. Her design process is interactive. She listens closely to her clients and collaborators, in order to prioritize and incorporate their needs. Working with 3D and sketched diagrams, she carefully walks clients through their options, dialoguing with them to ensure their needs are met.

“I never say no to a new idea,” Holly says. “It’s always worth investigating new paths and directions with clients, as insights are revealed, and unexpected and exceptional end results are often the outcome.”

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