Henry grabowski, aia, csi, ncarb

Phone: 612-373-4607
Email: henry.grabowski@esgarch.com

A career architect with more than 40 years in the profession, Henry brings exacting, thoughtful and inspired expertise to ESG’s architectural design teams. His range of experience includes exceptional design ability, building product and system evaluation, and specification preparation. He brings this skill set to the design and construction of built environments that comply with building code requirements and exceed client expectations, and are beautiful, comfortable, safe and socially responsible. “It’s a team effort,” Henry says. “There’s no I in team.”

His prior work in design, project management and metrics-driven performance monitoring led to his current position as a specification writer, which requires the broad knowledge Henry brings to his current role. As building products continue to evolve into more complex hybrid materials and composites, and sustainability increasingly drives decision making, Henry contributes to ESG’s team design efforts to leverage building longevity, efficient energy performance and aesthetic appeal.

Continual research informs Henry’s work. Strong communication skills developed over years of collaboration with diverse project teams and clients, consultants, product specialists and construction partners have created Henry’s informed, relaxed and light-hearted approach to the creative process. “You want your work to not only exceed client expectations,” he says, “but to result in long-lasting, highly efficient buildings with enhanced aesthetics that contribute to the greater built environment in which we all live.”

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