Senior Associate
Phone:  612-373-4669

An innovative and award-winning graphic designer, Gary is a take-charge administrator who ensures ESG’s proposals, marketing and communications materials, and presentation graphics accurately convey the firm’s expertise. Keenly attuned to the power of the visual in contemporary culture, Gary creatively positions ESG’s work, elevating the firm’s profile among competitors. He also creates persuasive materials for clients to present to stakeholders. Among his industry colleagues, who have acknowledged his expertise with numerous awards, Gary is considered a foremost illustrator of information.

A high-energy professional with laser-like focus, Gary is also a collaborator. He has demonstrated an exceptional ability to work with multiple clients, principals and designers simultaneously to produce impressive results. His degree in landscape architecture with an emphasis on community urban design augments his graphics and journalism background, providing Gary with broad design experience from which to draw on in his work.

Gary’s intense dedication to graphic excellence also encompasses interview materials, GIS mapping, branding, messaging, and the development of precise methodologies for clarity in communications. His graphics sophistication and professionalism are unmatched, as is his thoughtful approach to refining complex ideas and data.

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