Field Trip to Fargo

With strong alumnus pride (20+ people), and the promise of a walking tour, our leaders wrangled up a group of former NDSU students and headed north for a field trip to Fargo, North Dakota.

Thanks to 75 degrees and sun, our adventure took us to three architectural locations in the quaint, but growing city of Fargo. We visited a location in West Fargo and then headed downtown to view more ESG projects in the works, with a final visit to our alma-mater, NDSU.

4th Floor Terrace at Uptown & Main

Our journey began in West Fargo, where “Uptown meets Main Street,” to tour the mixed-use development we designed as part of a larger master plan. This building hosts 65 apartments for the young professional with options as compact as a studio, to units ready for a family. We made our way to the 4th floor terrace where we looked into the open fields ahead so as to imagine the pedestrian friendly plans that are yet to come. With 11 retail spaces located on street level and a variety of nearby businesses, the goal was to keep it simple, modern and urban.

Artwork at Robert’s Commons
A stroll through Robert’s Alley

Next, we visited downtown Fargo, where we took a stroll through Robert’s Alley, a place where the Governor has stressed the importance of investing and reinvigorating life and vibrancy into this historic area. When we arrived, we experienced the activity of an alley lined with residences, retail and events which hosts anything from ice-cream socials to art shows during warmer months. The alley is directly connected to an above-grade parking garage, and an ESG designed multi-family housing building known as “ROCO” which wraps the parking structure. It bridges the area’s historic charm with the modern crowd it’s meant to attract. The adjacent building adds yet another layer of interest and inclusion with housing and retail space to fit the vibe.

ROCO and adjacent building under construction

Last, we made our way to Woodrow Wilson Apartments which affectionately nods to the early 1900’s schoolhouse it once was. In support of community and character, the renovation and addition of the Woodrow Wilson apartments maintained the school’s gymnasium making it a feature and an amenity for the residents. 

Comparing the original schoolhouse with the addition at Woodrow Wilson Apartments
Inside the original 1900’s schoolhouse building

Before we could depart the charming city of Fargo, we made a surprise visit to the home of our friend and professor who taught for nearly fifty years at NDSU, with a 30-year span of ESG students. We were delighted to get what we’ll call an “Impromptu Lecture” from Professor Ron Ramsey and owe him a sincere thanks for the many years of education and guidance that he has provided to our team.

Check out the photos below to experience the full tour with us!

(All photo credit: Kim Loken)

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