ESG presents The Huddle: Episode 3


The Huddle

Welcome to The Huddle, a new video series from ESG Architecture & Design, focused on Design, Development and Construction Industry topics of the moment. In this series,  ESG’s Director of Marketing,  Andy McDermott, will bring together a range of guests on a variety of topics that will hopefully provide viewers with direct and actionable information that can be help them navigate these challenging times. 

Our first two episodes focused on Rethinking Office Design in the time of COVID. If you’re interested in checking those out, you can find them at For this episode, we are shifting our focus to the Hospitality industry which has been hit extremely hard by the pandemic. I’ve brought together two ESG hospitality veterans for today’s “Huddle.” We are excited to dive in and we’re glad you joined us for Episode #3:. 

Episode #3:
edefining hospitality

Click on THIS LINK to access the video presentation. 

Thanks to our panelists: 
Partner, Director of Interiors
ESG Architecture & Design

Bridget Hale, NCIDQ, IIDA
Associate, Senior Interior Designer
ESG Architecture & Design