Phone:  612-373-4624

Dennis breathes life and vitality into the design, master planning and management of ESG’s major architectural, mixed-use and urban-design projects. Just as he shapes buildings, he sculpts the spaces between and around them to make sure open areas are a high-quality part of a development’s composition, and integral to users’ enjoyment and interaction. Walkways, streetscapes, courtyards, gardens and bike paths figure prominently in his award-winning projects, such as Excelsior & Grand, Genesee + Shops, and Centennial Lakes. Critically acclaimed as “great urban places,” Dennis’ projects remain successful and timeless because of his astute planning.

Throughout his career, Dennis has advocated for excellence in private development. Addressing critical drivers of the development community—including costs, stakeholders and functionality—is an integral part of that excellence, as good architecture responds to clients’ needs and objectives. Whether a corporate office development or mixed-use project with multifamily residential, retail and recreational space, Dennis plans large-scale projects that creatively balance client business objectives and community goals.

Working collaboratively with developers and ESG’s interdisciplinary teams, Dennis master plans urban-design projects that are self-sustaining through a complimentary mix of uses. His passion is for innovating developments brimming with character and vitality; places where people like to live, work and linger.

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