Rachel usher, AIA

Senior Associate
Phone: 612-852-4413
Email: rachel.usher@esgarch.com

Since launching her architectural career more than 15 years ago in Phoenix, Rachel has taken a distinctive approach to practice that emphasizes empathy and experience. She utilizes her interdisciplinary perspective and design sensitivity to discover, given the spectrum of possibilities, how to fulfill the workplace client’s needs. ESG’s array of diverse in-house expertise, she says—including architects, interior designers, workplace strategists, space planners, graphic designers, writers, and brand developers—allows her to lead teams that expertly position and address every aspect of a project so the final result sings.

The workplace experience, Rachel says, “doesn’t begin or end with a wall or a desk. It’s about corporate culture, brand identity, work processes, wellness, functionality, profitability, and myriad other things. It’s a whole package.” Her role is to create client relationships built on empathy, in which clients continually feel listened to, respected, and supported. “I’m constantly in discovery mode so the collaborative process remains on equal footing,” she says. “My goal is to fulfill the client’s expectations so they can thrive.”

ESG’s dynamic leadership, and openness to innovation, drew Rachel to the firm. She’s an intuitive, high-energy leader in the workplace group, who provides an environment of empowerment in which her teams and her clients produce their best work and are thrilled with their accomplishments. As co-chair of AIA Minnesota’s Committee on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, she works with her colleagues to shift the demographic makeup of the design profession to better reflect the gender, race, and cultural diversity of our community and clients.

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