Bill Barron, RA, LEED®AP

Vice President
Phone: 612-373-4687

Bill is the master coordinator of all information needed, communicated and implemented on hospitality projects. Whether the information comes via meetings or meeting notes, email, phone calls, texts, cut sheets, drawings or diagrams, Bill is the funnel and the conduit. “It all flows to me.” he says. “I organize the information and make sure the appropriate person receives it.” As a project progresses through its design phases, from broad-scope schematic design down to the installation of door hardware, Bill works at a finer and finer level of detail, coordinating information for the design team, clients, consultants and contractors.

Always calm and diplomatic, Bill enjoys his behind-the-scenes yet critical role. “My satisfaction comes from having all of the pieces fall neatly into place with a secure fit, so the project is successful for all parties involved.” A news hound, Bill tracks trends and innovations in hotel design and construction around the globe, so his team remains in front of client expectations and guest needs as ESG creates the ultimate hospitality experience. Add the adaptive reuse of historic properties into the mix and Bill faces exceptional challenges. But he remains undeterred. “Breathing new life into a building, giving it a new use and reintegrating it into the existing fabric of a city is especially rewarding,” he says.

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