Senior Associate
Phone:  612-373-4659

Angie believes in raising the bar on every project. As a senior interior designer who focuses on multifamily residences, Angie knows clients want hotel-like amenities, services and finishes that communicate a specific lifestyle to potential residents. When undertaking a hotel renovation or prototype, Angie also knows she’s charged with ensuring her clients and their guests enjoy a concept that’s clearly conveyed and breaks free of traditional expectations.

Angie is extremely flexible when working with clients. That said, her standards on design implementation are high. She works closely with contractors and isn’t shy about keeping them on task, on schedule and on budget. She also collaborates with ESG team members to ensure ceilings, floors, furnishings, materials, lighting, detailing and artwork differentiate the property from others.

For Angie, work is a tremendous amount of fun. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her sense of accomplishment is an inspiration to everyone around her. While each project requires extensive thought, research and coordination, Angie won’t stop until clients and users agree the project is one-of-a-kind; a place they want to be.

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