angela ford, Cid

Phone:  612-524-4236

Given her 20 years of experience, Angela serves as an educator and trusted advisor to her clients. Working largely in the workplace sector, she keeps projects on schedule and on budget, anticipates and resolves challenges, and simplifies complexities. She continually communicates with her team, contractors and clients to keep everyone informed and a project progressing smoothly. “All of which I find fun,” she says. “I love to see projects evolve from start to finish, learn from and educate my clients, mentor other designers and share knowledge, and most of all make the process fun for everyone.”

Today, workplace design is about improving daily life by changing how employees do their work. Using such design-forward technologies as Revit and 3D visualization, Angela and her teams walk clients through space plans and material selection, ideate opportunities and test drive options. By collaborating with ESG designers from the hospitality and residential sectors, Angela and her teams maximize the potential for innovative, distinctive workplace design.

“At ESG, we maintain high standards, create high-quality designs and deliver at a high level,” she says. In fact, Angela admits that her goal is to always over deliver, in order to exceed every client’s expectations.

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