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Location: Menomonie, WI

The student residence at the University of Wisconsin, Stout marks the first phase of construction of the North Campus Master Plan. When completed in the summer of 2005, it marked the edge of the campus at one side of the building and created a courtyard leading to a future food service/cafeteria building planned on the other side.

It is used primarily by juniors & seniors and replaces the aging JC Tainter Hall. The building is comprised of 75 suites each with four single bedrooms and a kitchenette. Each room is wired for cable TV and for connection to the campus-wide computer network. Common amenities include a full kitchen, laundry, and meeting rooms on each floor. There are music study rooms, a game room, and common lounges for students. Since it is the first building in the North Campus Master Plan it sets the aesthetic stage for the future residence life buildings on the North Campus.