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Location: Minneapolis, MN

This urban mixed-use resort project includes the adaptive reuse of the Milwaukee Road Depot and Trainshed and the development of the remaining two blocks of land. The Trainshed has become a public ice rink with parking and the Depot includes a restaurant with 21 hotel suites on Levels 2 and 3. Redevelopment of the Depot includes a 204-key Marriott Renaissance Hotel, a 130-key Residence Inn Extended Stay Hotel, and three levels of parking totaling 638 stalls.

The front façade of the Marriott Renaissance Hotel is on 3rd Avenue alongside the Depot. The Residence Inn is conceived as a background building to infill the block and act as a transition to the emerging residential neighborhood to the north and east. The two hotels share a recreation facility which includes an indoor themed water park with many interactive water features and a 145’ long water slide which is almost entirely outside of the enclosed space.