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Location: Danbury. CT

The Highcroft Racing facility celebrates a passion for racing. Designed as an automotive-oriented industrial building, this unique structure houses a variety of components: from a private museum for vintage race cars, memorabilia and artifacts, to an operational, high-performance automobile maintenance facility, truly making it a living museum.

The building was created in response to the expansion of the owner’s hobby, his energetic and inspired persona, and his business (vintage race car sales and racing). The building is programmed to sublet building bays to other racing aficionados, creating a place where common passions come together and competition can extend beyond the race track.  Around every corner one is immersed with endless racing stimulations – playful metaphors that reflect the energy and excitement of high-performance racing both past and present. With a delicate balance of lightweight economical construction, aerodynamic form and colorful fineness Highcroft Racing is a testament to its inspiration from start to finish.