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Location: Minnetonka, MN

As a medical device manufacturer, American Medical Systems (AMS) provides its customers with Solutions for Life. A leader in the male and female pelvic health industry, AMS was experiencing tremendous growth in 2004-05 that necessitated an expansion of the corporate headquarters in Minnetonka.  ESG in collaboration with 20 Below Studio was commissioned to design a 60,000 square foot addition to their existing building and remodel 15,000 square feet of R & D labs and production and warehouse space.

By working collaboratively with the real estate and facilities staff at AMS, ESG and 20 Below created a new addition that not only facilitated company growth but also forged a more contemporary identity for the corporation.  Sited to compliment both the existing building and the park like setting of the land, the addition was used to form a new entry for the campus and a fresh counterpoint to the somewhat stale interior spaces that AMS inherited when they purchased the site and building in the mid 1990’s. Incorporating natural daylight in the office areas was an important design requirement for the project.  ESG responded by designing a simple exterior shell that maximized glazing areas in a ribbon and transom window composition to allow natural light to penetrate deep into the core of the addition.  As a result, the need for artificial lighting during the day is greatly reduced – one of many energy saving sustainable design strategies utilized for the project.

Renovation work continues on the facility – ESG and 20 Below Studio are assisting with the renovation of office and lab space in the existing building to enhance the workplace environment for all employees at AMS.  As the executive and facility team at AMS aptly stated, “If you have to spend most of your day at work, that environment should be conducive not just to productivity, but to comfort and happiness.”

The elegant, simple design of AMS’ new addition and the ongoing renovation has boosted their employee’s spirits and allowed the company to recruit new talent enhancing their mission to provide Solutions for Life.