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Location: Minneapolis, MN

The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) is an international membership organization of 22,500 neurology professionals. The ESG has designed a new fully integrated, 63,000 sf global headquarters on the Liner Parcel at Chicago Avenue and 2nd Street South in the Mills District in Minneapolis.

The facility is 5 stories tall, fronting on Chicago and screening one side of the parking ramp currently located on the block. An additional 10’ set back required by the City along Chicago allows for creation of a Sensory Garden that is accessible to the public, complement the existing plaza across 2nd Street and provides a more substantial view corridor to the River. AAN’s use of the facility consists primarily of office space, with emphasis on active uses on the first floor, such as a fitness facility for employees and a large, active reception/gallery type space at the corner. The 5th floor is set back from the corner to provide a roof top terrace adjacent to the employee café and other meeting rooms.

The building was designed to accommodate growth for at least 160 staff members.